Virtual Belcar Winter Series

Compete in the best Belgian virtual championship.

Race against skilled sim racers and real racing drivers.

All races are broadcasted live!

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Winter Series Promo Video

2020-11-17 05:38:35

Are you ready for action packed multiclass racing? Virtual cars, real racing! Skilled sim racers and real life racing drivers will compete in de best belgian championship.

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Virtual Belcar Winter Series

2020-11-15 05:38:35

Ook in de komende wintermaanden staat Virtual Belcar garant voor "action packed multiclass endurance racing". Naast de reeds bekende auto's uit het kampioenschap verschijnt nu ook de BMW M4 GT4 op het strijdtoneel. Een langverwachte keuze voor heel wat teams!

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Virtual Belcar 2020: final results.

2020-11-03 05:38:35

Met de 24 Hours of Zolder kregen we een mooie finale van de eerste editie van het Virtual Belcar kampioenschap. Binnenkort meer nieuws over het vervolg van de Virtual Belcar eSeries, we kijken al uit naar het tweede seizoen!

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What is Virtual Belcar Series?

It is an eSports racing competition using the iRacing software.
It is multi-class team racing and very competitive.
We try to stay as close as possible to the real life Belcar Endurance Series.
You will find highly skilled sim racers and racing drivers on track.
All races are broadcasted live and have live Race Control Stewards.

Virtual cars. Real racing. Simply the best in Belgium.

How do I join?

You will need an active iRacing subscription.
Create an account on this site.
Add your iRacing profile and team to your account.
Join our Discord server.
Register your team for a championship.

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eSports is about to become one of the biggest, most popular sports in the world with a vast and dedicated audience. It is clear that the phenomenon of eSports is not just hype but a global industry that is here to stay.

With minimal setup, a modest investment, we can help your brand to enter the eSports realm. Let's build your brand and enlarge our platform together!

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