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It is no secret eSports is on the rise for some years now. In the first years of eSports, the sponsors were mainly companies related to video games or the overall computer and high-tech industries. By now, the public watching eSports changed. Instead of avid gamers supporting a few teams of an obscure scene, eSports competitions now fill stadiums and air on major TV networks.

eSports is about to become one of the biggest, most popular sports in the world with a vast and dedicated audience. It is clear that the phenomenon of eSports is not just hype but a global industry that is here to stay.

With minimal setup, a modest investment, brands can quickly develop a sponsorship to build knowledge and credibility in eSports.

+40K viewing hours +80K views 100 broadcast hours Marketing value Exciting races Easy to understand and follow Non-violent eSport All ages Belgian based International outreach Dedicated audience Storytelling